Michael Marbery

m.marbery@gmail.com / marberyart.com

Orange County, CA





  • Character Animation.

  • Facial Animation.

  • Visual Effects for cinematic and in-game content.

  • Experience in feature film, AAA Games, casual and mobile games.

  • Ability to quickly learn and integrate proprietary technology for efficient work flow.

  • Strong communication skills and production sense abilities.

  • Refined eye for quality and project aesthetic.


Software & Skill Sets: Maya, Motion Builder, 3DS Max, Facial Action Coding System, Unreal, Flash, Flip Book, After-FX, Nuke, Mocha Pro, Final Cut, Premier, Photoshop, Perforce, Confluence, Jira



Animator and FX artist with nearly a decade of experience in both games and feature films. Experience working with both Independent developers as well as major studios. Classical art training with extensive production experience. Excel at integrating Proprietary software in to work flow with abundant knowledge of various 3D programs. Adaptable to a variety of pipeline techniques with strong problem solving abilities. Published illustrator with exhibition experience in a variety of galleries.


Albyno Rhyno – Irvine, CA Feb 2016 –Present

Animator / Narrative Artist: TBA Title

  • Character animation for cinematic and in-game content.

  • Development of Intellectual property and world creation, supervised the direction of lore design.

  • Assisted with Character Development.

  • Assisted in research and development of Pipeline and game design.


Sony Computer Entertainment America – San Diego, CA April 2015 –Feb 2016

Animator: Uncharted 4: “A Thief’s End”

  • Character animation for cinematic and in-game content.

  • Facial Animator for cinematic and in-game content.

  • Assisted in research and development of proprietary software.

  • Implemented the use of Proprietary soft for production purposes.

  • Created content using both stylization of motion capture and key frame animation.


Game Cloud – Temecula, CA Aug 2013 – Feb 2014

Animator: Pocket Gridiron

  • Animated in-game characters for mobile tittle.

  • Assisted with pipeline development and integration of assets for engineers.

  • Managed outsource content and ingestion.

  • Optimized characters for performance.

  • Athletic research for player motion.


Game Cloud – Temecula, CA July 2012 - Feb 2013

Animator / Story Development: Show Stopper Basket Ball, Pop Sports Mr. Right (China), District 187 (Trailer), Joe (short film)

  • Character animation for various projects.

  • FX animation and integration.

  • Motion graphics using various techniques.

  • Provided content for various mobile platforms.

  • R & D for various in-house projects.

  • Developed Intellectual Property and content.

  • Provided sequential art and story development for in-house projects and clients.

  • Directed and edited trailer content.


Stereo-D - Burbank, CA Nov 2011 - April 2012

Finaling / VFX Artist: Titanic-3D, Avengers, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

  • VFX and compositing for feature films.

  • Stereo paint for 3-D feature.

  • R&D for proprietary software.


Cyclops FX - Glendale, CA July 2011 - Aug 2011

VFX Artist / Compositor: Tornado Alley

  • Composited and assembled shots for 3-D conversion

  • Clean plate and Roto development.

  • Pipeline and QC support.


Bit-Theory – Costa Mesa, CA April 2011 - Oct 2011

VFX Artist: Smurfs, Conan (trailer), transformers 3: “Dark Of The Moon”

  • Composting and VFX integration for feature films.

  • Clean plate / Matte painting creation.

  • Assembling VFX assets for shot development.

  • Tracking and Roto of complex forms and motion.


Sony Computer Entertainment America - San Diego, CA Aug 2009- Oct 2009

Animator: Mod Nation Racers, Socom3 FTB

  • Character animator for both whimsical and realistic projects.

  • Provided vehicle and Prop interaction animation.

  • Motion capture stylization and key frame animation.


Crazy Pixel Productions - Irvine, CA May 2007 - July 2009

Animator / Story Artist: Ghost Busters Wii, ‘Splosion Man, Passport to Perfume, Sandwich Shoppe, TRON: “Evolution”

  • Provided character animation for a verity of projects.

  • Both key frame animation and motion capture used.

  • Sequential art and Story / IP development.




Ooohh! That’s heavy- Huntington Beach, CA

Illustration / Design.

  • Awol One: Alphaomegatron / When I'm Dead 7”: 2007

  • Escape Artist: Mass W/O Mass 12” :2007

  • Babble Fishh: Fathers First Musket ‎7” :2008


Fake Four Inc.-Inter-webs, World

  • Awol One: Owl HR’s CD: 2009



Orange County Museum of art: “Little Squares”,2007. (ISM)

The Camp: “Trash to Treasure”,2008. (ISM)

Dark Side: Halloween show”,2009.

SINdustry "GREED", 2010.

Seven-Degrees: “LCAD 50th Anniversary Juried Alumni “,2011.

Thump Gallery: “Pit bulls & Pinups”,2011.

Orange County Great Park: “Little Squares”,2011. (ISM)



Bachelors of Art in Animation & Illustration– Laguna College Of Art and Design (2008)